CEO Roundtable For Growth

Your invited to join your peers for our monthly national CEO Roundtable For Growth.

June 29, 2017 with roundtables happening in Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Grand Rapids MI.

This month the focus is on what small and mid-sized business leaders can do to attract and retain top talent. From our work with small and mid-sized businesses owners from around the country, we know that talent generally and building great teams specifically, is a top issue for business owners today. We also know that access to peer networks is another top concern for business owners today.

So, come and join your peers for a CEO roundtable and learn how to build great teams that drive consistent revenue growth.

Learn more at www.CEORoundtableForGrowth.org 

Are you searching for proven and tested strategies and tactics to quickly increase sales and profits with the least amount of risk, capital or effort?

Could you benefit from working with other CEOs who are focused on growing your business instead of feeling like you are in it all by yourself?

Are you trying to grow your business but find yourself:

  • Growing slower than you want
  • Struggling to get the results you want from your sales and marketing efforts
  • Suffering with operational problems

Trust me … we’ve all been there and we want to help. What we do is provide business owners with:

  • A step-by-step Business Acceleration System to quickly generate more leads, attracts more clients and dramatically grows profits
  • Positive Accountability by tapping into the expertise and built-in support of a peer group to offer fresh ideas, accountability, and an occasional “kick in the pants” to get moving on important initiatives.
  • Been there, done that executive coaching to help you achieve your dreams and create a thriving business that positively impacts our communities.

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