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Out Think, Out Market, Out Sell
Your Competition
And Dominate Your Market

Right now, there are people in your area looking for Financial Services. Can you name them? We can.

Imagine this. You have a stadium full of people who represent your entire market. But, in that entire stadium there are only 30 to 40 who are ready to buy what you sell right now. Could you pick them out? How could you tell who was ready to buy now and who might do so in months, or years, or maybe never?

This is the problem with most marketing today. You must target the entire stadium evenly because any of them could be the buyer. But what if you could pick out just the now buyers in the stadium and market ONLY to them? You would be able to:

  • Show them more ads than your competitors,
  • Spend less on advertising,
  • Maintain top of mind awareness,
  • Be the first choice when they pull the trigger.

Our proprietary technology allows us to:

  • Identify by name, who is InMarket for what you sell in real time. We can identify the internet behavior individuals who are searching websites or keywords that indicate their interest in what you sell even before they know who you are.
  • Identify by name who has visited your website (inFunnel), even before they download content, register, or call. We can resolve the identity match across devises, email addresses, and browsers.
  • Since we own the data, we can market to both your inMarket and inFunnel leads for as long as you choose. No more cookies that expire in 30 days.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to constantly improve the predictive engine.

No longer is it about demographics (age, sex, income, or net worth), now we can identify prospects by their actions and only target prospects who are actually interested in what you sell. Dramatically lowering the cost of your advertising, reducing the length of your sales cycle, and improving your profits.

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