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Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Better Sales Leads

11/18/2020 – Just published version 1 of our A.I. Marketing Toolkit. Get your free copy here

In today’s hyper competitive world, it’s more important than ever to generate better digital sales leads.

The corona virus is impacting businesses large and small, especially in regards to generating quality sales leads. What worked just a few months ago is working no more.

Businesses that have a robust digital lead generation strategy are able to keep sales going. Those without … are suffering.

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3-Steps to better digital sales leads

Better digital sales leads - identity resolution

Step 1 – Identity Resolution – What we also refer to as targeting. Resources for all companies are limited so as marketers we must identify where we get the biggest bang for our buck. Who do we want to target? How do we identify where our ideal target customers are hiding, get their attention and get them to take an action that we want them to take?

Identity Resolution and Artificial Intelligence are changing the targeting landscape in leaps and bounds. Learn more here.

Better Digital Sales Leads - Lead Generation

Step 2 – Lead Generation – How do we get our ideal target prospects to raise their hands and indicate an interest in the problem we solve? The results we deliver? The tools available to advertisers are many.

We focus on the making the digital tools of online advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization work for you by leveraging great marketing fundamentals.  The power of artificial intelligence can  reduce the cost to acquire a new client (CPCA) and increase profits (ROAS). Learn more here.

Better Digital Sales Leads - Lead Nurturing

Step 3 – Lead Nurture – Once you get a lead, the marketing has only begun. When working in the digital environment, we must create content that is focused on the customers buyers journey. To go from a stranger to a client means answering questions, diagnosing the root cause of problems and offering the right solution.

Doing this digitally takes time. It means having robust re-targeting campaigns. Using well crafted email sequences. Maintaining top of mind awareness. Incorporating human touch points whenever possible (phone calls and meetings) and being responsive. Learn more here.

Companies using our technology.

We have worked with hundreds of companies to develop marketing strategies and lead generation funnels that convert. Here are just a few: