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Djoerd Hoekstra, Consultant

Philadelphia, PA

Djoerd brings a lifetime of executive and entrepreneurial experience to the team. Looking for “been there, done that” support … call Djoerd.

Retiring at the end of 2014 as Chairman and CEO of Biocoat Inc, the firm he founded in 1994 with his partner Dr. Ellington Beavers. While Ellington invented the basic technology that drives Biocoat today, Djoerd’s role was to commercialize the technology. Today Biocoat’s technology is used by all major medical device manufacturers on hundreds of products sold around the world.

Before Biocoat, Djoerd spent 30 years in the chemical industry retiring in 1992 from Fortune 500 Company Penwalt Inc (acquired by Elf Atochem) as Sr. Vice President Finance and Planning.

Djoerd received an engineering degree from Delft University in Holland and a Masters in Organizational Development from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Djoerd is a lifelong sailor having competed globally in the Lightning Class before moving to racing big boats. As the Captain of Akela III he is the leader of the Akela Racing Team.