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Gil Cargill, Advisor

Los Angeles, CA

Since 1978, Gil has worked with over 5,000 business-to-business sales forces. He recognizes that sales — in particular, sales management — is one of the least formally controlled components of most business organizations.

Consequently, the sales organization traditionally underperforms all other departments within an organization, at least from the point of view of proficiency and productivity.

In the mid ’80s, Gil discovered that the sales process used by most business-to-business sales forces was first documented in 1873 by John Henry Patterson, the founder of NCR. It is tragically ironic that, in today’s world, organizations that rely on their sales team (direct and/or indirect) to find, acquire and retain customers are using techniques and processes first documented in the late 1800s!

Gil is a national speaker on the topic of sales process and is the creator of the New Math Of Sales Excellence. Gil has partnered with Akela Partners to bring his 21st century sales process to business owners across the US.

Gil is an avid pilot with a fleet of planes and when he is not developing content or making speeches you will find him up in his plane looking down on the rest of us.