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How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence In B2B Lead Generation

and generate more leads, better leads, faster closings, and more profitable client relationships

B2B Marketing and Sales professionals have been a little slow to embrace artificial intelligence. Possibly because of the nature of relationship selling or because of limited access to the kinds of behavioral data that drives machine learning. For whatever reason, change is coming. The scale is different, the power is different, and the importance to you is different.

3-steps to generating more leads, better leads, through machine learning and identity resolution

Find the profitable 10%

Gain leverage through the application of machine learning

Implement tools that will work for you


Big Data + Identity Resolution + Machine Learning = A.I


The internet of things is real


To identify the profitable 10% of any audience, we need to resolve the identity of the person generating all that data. Our proprietary identity graph does just that.

The last step is to use the data we collect and identity resolution to build a path to purchase for anything we want.

Here is an over simplified look at how that is done.

We see someone who has purchased and look back at their path to purchase. All the websites, searches, and content they consumed.

Then we do that for multiple people and look for patterns in the URLs they visit and

the keywords they search.

This gives us a behavior pattern for a conversion.

Then we run the algorithm against the new data entering our system every day to identify who is exhibiting those behaviors right now.

Fundamentally, A.I. will allow you to find the profitable 10% faster and less expensively. Machines can process the huge amount of data being generated by the internet of things much quicker than any person. In the time it takes you to read this page or listen to this video, our algorithms can identify which of your prospects is engaged in researching the problem you solve right now and pass it back to your sales and marketing teams for follow-up. Then do it again tomorrow when it processes another 50 billion pieces of new information.


For practically any B2B company, we can apply our A.I. process to your business in just five steps.


Step 1. Map your prospects to the identity graph. Map your CRM or other databases to our identity graph so we can identify when any of them is in the market for what you sell.

Step 2. Map the path to purchase. Starting with a training sample, we map the path to purchase and then optimize the algorithm over time with new conversions.

Step 3. Collect the data. Chances are we already capture the data we need to make the algorithm accurate. But, if we need to acquire supplemental sources, we will do that.

Step 4. Produce InMarket data lists. When the algorithm runs, which it does constantly, as prospects exhibit the behaviors that indicate they are researching a problem you solve, that data is passed back to you in real time.

Step 5. Identify InFunnel prospects. When a prospect visits your website, you will know that along with the specific content they consumed


With that information, you can call them, send direct mail, send email, advertise to them on any platform, we can even use that information to run 1 to 1 radio and TV advertisements.


This is your data. You own and control. It never expires. It is platform agnostic so you can use it anywhere online or offline.

By focusing your marketing and sales efforts on the profitable 10%, you will close more transactions, for more value, with a shorter sales cycle. Providing you with a measurable competitive advantage.