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We all start small with a dream of creating a business that leverages what we do best, provides for our family, creates a sense of belonging and serves our customers. But 90% of those who try fail. Yet we keep coming back for more because we are passionate entrepreneurs who won’t be stopped.

Does this sound like you? Whether the idea is just a glimmer in your eye or you have already built a business with a few employees and a few hundred thousand in sales our Business Essentials program will give you all the tools, resources, strategies, tactics and support you need to break through the million-dollar barrier.

The number one issue for creating a million-dollar business is to create a proven and repeatable sales process.

This starts with creating a marketing strategy that will cause your target clients to take the actions you want them too. Adds a marketing or advertising campaign to put your marketing message in front of your target customers. Then finishes with a sales process that allows you to start doing business with your ideal clients and tracking what works and how to continuously improve

We have built a complete business acceleration system that will give you a step by step structured process and includes:

  • Weekly training videos covering every aspect of creating a sales and marketing program that gets you above the million-dollar mark. Each video comes with workbooks and templates. If you can dedicate one to two hours a week you will reach your goals within a year … guaranteed.
  • VIP Access to our E-Learning Marketing System. The most powerful and dynamic do-it-yourself client attraction program ever created. The e-learning Marketing System was created to give every business owner unrestricted access to the tools, resources and support they need to build whatever size business they want. Take a tour now.
  • Personalized Business Coaching. Depending on where you live we will assign one of the Akela Partners Principal’s to be your personal business coach. Initially they will devote 4 hours of one-on one coaching to make sure you get up to speed on the Business Essentials platform and then will support your growth through the bi-weekly “ask the expert” calls, the quarterly peer advisory meetings and our Annual National Client Retreat.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Webinar. This webinar is conducted every Tuesday (once in the morning and again in the afternoon) and you can add to your business development expertise each week along with hundreds of other business owners around the world.
  • Bi-Weekly “Ask The Expert” Call. Every other Thursday afternoon we conduct a live call for our Business Essentials members. This is your opportunity to ask questions directly to our Partners and your fellow members.
  • Private Facebook Group for Business Essentials members. We use this page to share information, ask and answer questions when you can’t wait for the bi-weekly call, and to further the sense of community with your peers.
  • Quarterly Peer Advisory Meetings. You will be invited to attend quarterly peer advisory meetings with other Business Essentials members in your area. Currently these meetings are taking place in Boston, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle. If you don’t live in one of these areas, you can join electronically or just hop on a plane and meet with your peers in the city of your choice!
  • Invitation to our Annual National Client Symposium. Join our clients, large and small, for a two-day workshop on small business excellence and growth strategies.

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The most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever developed











What does it cost to join?

If we can show you exactly what you need to do, step by step, to create a million-dollar business what would you pay? $50,000? $100,000?

That’s a bargain since we’ll show you exactly how to build a million-dollar business that provides for your family and allows you to live the life you dream of. Plus, you’ll have support every step of the way with a personal business coach and a network of your peers.

What if we could do all that for just a few dollars a day? Well we can and we will.

$295 / month for full VIP Business Essentials membership. Start Now

  • Month to month billing
  • No long-term commitment


$2,495 for an Annual VIP Business Essentials membership. Start Now

  • Save over $1,000
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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We don’t expect you (or anyone) to purchase our Business Owners Essentials program over the internet. Rather, if you are interested in how we can help you build a multi-million dollar business that allows you to achieve your dreams, then let’s talk about that. Use the form below to schedule a complementary call with one of our consultants and let’s get started right away!

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