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Learn the name, company and navigation behaviors of your website visitors

Instantly turn your SiteVisitorstm into close-able sales leads

Understanding the SiteVisitortm Buyer’s Journey

When a person is actively on your website researching a purchase of what you sell they’re coming to a critical juncture in their buyer’s journey

Once the prospect becomes aware of a PROBLEM they thoroughly research and define the problem. Prospects can’t begin to solve their problem until they become aware f every important and relevant issue.

In stage 2 of the buyer’s journey the prospects are focused solely on HOW they can solve their problem. What options are available to them. For example a pill, cream or injection. In doing this they can better understand which options are best marched to their desired result.

In Stage 3 of the buyer’s journey prospects are focused on WHO is going to help them solve their problem. Hopefully they’ve been learning from you in all 3 stages and see how you stack up, then reach out to start a physical conversation. But we both know that 98+% of your website visitors will take no action at all.

A common misconception is that the 98% who leave your site and buy from a rival. You lose some to rivals and alternatives, but not as many as you think . The vast majority leave your site and do nothing.

Your REAL problem is overcoming the status quo

They’ve done significant research. They’re definitely interested in your company. The fact is the 98% are close-able, they just haven’t reached out to start the sales process.

Face it, your website and content has built rick solid momentum but can only be expected to do so much.

We solve this by enabling you to immediately follow up physically and start a personal one to one conversion. One that advances the relationship and crushes the status quo. One that closes the sale.