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Use Artificial Intelligence To Generate Better Sales Leads

Do you know when your ideal prospect is looking to buy?

Have you been a little slow to embrace artificial intelligence?

Regardless of the reason, change is coming.

Today the scale is different, the power is different, and the importance to you is different.

Learn how to focus your limited resources on the exact prospects who are actively looking to buy what you sell right now.

Generate better sales leads

What is a better sales lead? It is someone who is suffering from the problem you solve. Who has recognized that this is a top of mind problem that they need to solve, that is actively looking for a solution, someone to help them solve their problem. Someone to get them the result they want but don’t have.

A better sales lead is someone who is aware that you can solve the problem they have. They know who you are and are considering buying from you.

Finally, a better sales lead is someone who is ready to evaluate solutions. They want to talk with you to determine if buying from you is the right solution for them.

Our InMarket Targeting data does all three of these. It:

  • Finds the prospects who are looking for your solution,
  • Tells you when they are considering you, and
  • Allows you to customize your messaging to address their specific concerns.

For practically any company, we can now track your prospect’s buyers journey. To notify you, in real time, when your prospect is actively looking for what you sell.

This means you can reach out to them directly: by phone, by email, by direct mail, or digitally and start a conversation.

You can focus your sales activities on prospects you know are qualified and you know are interested in hearing from you.

Schedule a Discovery Call to learn how to apply this technology to your marketing and sales process.