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Marketing – From Strategy To Sales

From the August 10, 2017 CEO Roundtable For Growth presentation by Brian Gould on Customer Centric Growth

Making Sales and Marketing Fun For Business Owners Who Hate Sales And Marketing.

Is sales and marketing something you must do … not something you love to do!

Why is that? Because you are great at what you do. Whether that is plumbing, engineering, accounting, negotiating, cooking, sailing, building, architecting, designing, sewing, cleaning, even thinking. But, the “art” of sales and marketing is a mystery shrouded in cold calls, email campaigns, advertising budgets, social media posts and something called content marketing!

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Just as you have guidelines and processes in your business, there are a few key processes to learn and adopt to become a marketing and sales superstar.

Also, it can be fun. Not just fun, but fun and rewarding. By mastering sales and marketing, you’ll be able to positively impact more people with your product or service and create a thriving business that positively impacts our communities.


Everything You’ve Learned About Generating Leads And Growing Your Business Is Wrong

Everything your ever heard, everything you’ve ever tried, Everything you’ve ever done; it’s all wrong.

This presentation will teach you a system for successfully marketing your business to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you … at any time, and for any price.



The New Math Of Sales Excellence

Are you looking to find, acquire, and obtain new revenue from customers in your market place, then you better stop trying to sell like it’s 1985! We’ve partnered with Gil Cargill founder of the Cargill Consulting Group and the creator of the new math of sales excellence to bring his sales process structure and ideas to a broader audience.

So what about you, are you looking to increase profits, drive revenue growth, or just have the peace of mind that comes from predictable revenue.





3 Massive Mistakes That Crush Sales Growth

Are you frustrated with the status-quo? Working harder than ever but struggling to grow your business? Struggling to generate quality leads and high-paying clients? Struggling to create consistent sales growth?

Well we have good news for you. Success is closer than you know. 98% of all small businesses are making 3 fundamental mistakes that practically guarantee they are working too hard, not making enough money, and struggling to create a thriving business.

3 Mistakes?Yes, only three mistakes. But they are really big mistakes! Identifying them and implementing a plan to change is key to accelerating your business growth and achieving your goals.


Tools For Growth

Conversion Equation Evaluator



External Resources

Mastering Talent Planning


Books We Love

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

51 Fatal Business Errors by Jim Muehlhausen

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Joe G. Partner of technology consulting firm

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