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Business Acceleration System

We all start small with a dream of creating a business that leverages what we do best, provides for our family, creates a sense of belonging and serves our customers. But 90% of those who try fail. Yet we keep coming back for more because we are passionate entrepreneurs who won’t be stopped. We have built a complete business acceleration system that will give you a step by step structured, process to break the $1,000,000 ceiling.


Akela Partners CEO Leadership Council

You’re no longer a small company. You’ve broken through the $1,000,000 ceiling and now have your eye on growing consistently to make your company the dominant player in your industry.

You probably work too hard; long hours and the constant feeling that no one can “get it” quite the way you do. You want to build a great enterprise and know that right now, you are the bottleneck.

One thing universally true when you are leading a small or mid-sized business … it’s lonely at the top and having a system that allows you to make great decisions, quickly and with confidence can be the difference between success and spectacular failure

Akela Partners Marketing Strategy and Support

What’s the number one issue for all small and mid-market businesses? Finding more qualified leads! Followed closely with having an efficient sales process to convert those qualified leads into paying clients.