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One Bad Apple

One bad apple can spoil the bunch Business ownership is hard, especially when an employee isn’t working out.  Every business leaders wants a great team.  Too bad it’s so hard to achieve. Sometimes, an employee is hired into a small…

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Adding Value Through Bundling

Increase Sales and Profits through Bundling This week several clients asked me for strategies to drive revenue growth. So, I trotted out one of my seven key strategies for driving sales growth; Bundling. Bundling is a terrific tool for adding…

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Small Business Executives Survey

What do small business executives care about heading into 2017? Take a minute and complete this brief (10 questions) survey to learn what is keeping small business owners up at night. We will conduct the survey quarterly and report back…

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Accelerate Webinars

My First Webinar

My First Webinar … More fun than I thought it would be. I’ve conducted perhaps 1,500 workshops and seminars in my career. Probably more. I love live programs; to be able to share interesting information and get immediate feedback from…

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Oh The Joys Of Public Speaking

15 minutes before the start and the room is empty. Just me and my associate Barbara in the conference room. Lunch on the table; presentation on the screen; self-doubt creeping in (flooding in?) … Would anyone even show up? Our…

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