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Who is Akela?

Akela is the wise leader of the wolf pack from Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book.

The jungle is a place where only the strong, smart and cunning survive. There are competitors all around and success in business means always be growing and always be learning. We provide the knowledge, leadership, accountability, and results you need to build a thriving “wolf pack”.

At Akela Partners we focus on driving profitable growth for professional service firms. This includes financial planners, asset managers, portfolio managers, and retirement planners, accountants, insurance agents, realtors, mortgage brokers, doctors and dentists.

As a strategic marketing firm, we have proprietary technology that allows us to tell you who is InMarket to buy what you sell right now and market to them across platforms. We work exclusively for just one client in a vertical in any specific geography. We provide our clients with an unfair advantage over their competition.

From lead generation, to digital advertising, web design, and content management, our team stands ready to make you the dominant player in your market.

Our Team

Roel Hoekstra

Roel Hoekstra, Managing Partner

Philadelphia, PA

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Brian Gould

Brian Gould,

Philadelphia, PA

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Jessica Reilley

Jessica Reilley, Web Developer

Philadelphia, PA

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