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How did we come up with our name, Akela?

Akela is the wise leader of the wolf pack from Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book.

The jungle is a place where only the strong, smart and cunning survive.

Having the knowledge, leadership, accountability, and camaraderie of your own “wolf pack” can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.



At Akela Partners we have assembled a group of exceptional leaders with “been there, done that” experience and offer admission to select business leaders into our “wolf pack” of business owners, CEOs, and sales leaders who will push, challenge, and support your journey to becoming the legendary Akela of your own wolf pack.

Our Team

Roel Hoekstra

Roel Hoekstra, Managing Partner

Philadelphia, PA

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Brian Gould

Brian Gould,

Philadelphia, PA

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Al Ruthazer

Al Ruthazer,   Principal

Boston, MA

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Doug Hall

Doug Hall,

Seattle, WA

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Chris Scherer

Chris Scherer, Principal

Grand Rapids, MI

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Bill Schoeffler

Bill Schoeffler, Principal

San Francisco, CA
707.324.5531 ext 3

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Djoerd Hoekstra, Consultant

Djoerd Hoekstra, Consultant

Philadelphia, PA

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Christina C. Pietrafesa

Christina C. Pietrafesa, Administrative Assistant

Philadelphia, PA

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Gil Cargill, Advisor

Gil Cargill,

Los Angeles, CA

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We believe in challenging the status quo. A business and a business leader needs to grow, change and constantly adapt. Business models must be continually challenged. If you are not growing then you are standing still. If you are standing still then really you are going backwards.


We’ve found that when leaders focus on the process the process drives results.  Businesses grow and thrive by developing and applying repeatable processes for practically everything. As a “wolf pack”  we are always identifying, implementing, and supporting processes that allow leaders to effectively leverage their time (work smarter not harder) and continually create additional enterprise value.


We support your vision and growth plans through consulting, coaching, and peer advising utilizing proven tools and resources we unconditionally guarantee will work for you.


Our members are business owners, CEOs and sales leaders wo are striving to challenge the status quo and build successful, profitable, and socially responsible multi-million dollar companies