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The Akela Racing Team is what we do for fun. Akela III is a 1985 Swan 43 sloop rigged sailboat. Built in Finland she is a relatively heavy yacht that handles all the nasty stuff the ocean throws at us with grace … as long as the crew does it’s part. Akela III is as happy racing hard as she is leisurely cruising the east coast with friends and family.

That said, we like to race! Building a team of friends who work hard together, compete with a smile and handle adverse conditions with warmth and courage makes racing great fun. So while winning is fun; competing is the real challenge.

If you want to learn more, and see lots of pictures, visit our Facebook page: Akela Racing.

Akela Racing Team – 2017 Updates

2017 Annapolis to Newport Race – Starts June 2, 2017

Q. What is ocean racing?
A. A demanding form of sailing practiced by sportsmen whose idea of a good time is standing under an ice cold shower, fully clothed, while re-examining their last meal.
Q. That sounds great. When are you going to do that again?
A. We’ll be racing this summer in the Annapolis to Newport race.
Q. Who is on your team?
A. We have an awesome team. All great sailors and most importantly close friends.
Q. Is it important to race with friends?
A. Yes. See question #1 above
Q. Who is on your team?
A. Here is the crew so far:
Roel “the crazy Dutchman” Hoekstra as captain
Andrew “paper charts don’t lie” Armstrong as navigator.
Dyfrig “my brother is racing in the Americas Cup” Mon as watch captain
Pete “damn the torpedoes” Sutch as watch captain
Arturo “I’m a paddle boarder now” Quinones on the bow
Steve “my billing rate goes up when the wind blows over 20kts” Director as helmsman
Jeff “remind me why I’m doing this again” McCarron as helmsman

And let’s not forget Djoerd “The Commodore” Hoekstra as Team Owner and coach.

A finer team you won’t find on any boat!














2017 Annapolis to Newport Race – 6th place PHRF III

2015 Annapolis to Newport Race – 1st place ORR class – Race Video and Pictures

2014 Newport to Bermuda Race –  16th place St. David’s Lighthouse division

2013 Annapolis to Newport Race – retired with shredded main, 2 jibs, and spinnaker (yes it was windy!)

2010 Newport to Bermuda Race – 5th place ORR Class II

2009 Annapolis to Newport Race  5th place PHRF III