Tired Of Sales Leads That Don’t Convert?

Learn the 3 simple steps to better sales leads.

Identity Resolution technology when combined with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is the key to generating better sales leads.

What’s a better sales lead?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. When you are struggling to hit your sales goals, it is tempting to try and generate more leads. It is simple math. Want 10 % more sales, generate 10% more leads and just hold the closing ratio constant. But here’s the problem with that. Sometimes just generating more lead means the next, marginal lead is not as good as the one that came before.

Ask any salesperson, do you want 10 average leads or 5 great leads? Great leads win every time.

What is a better sales lead? It’s a lead that:

  • Fits your ideal target profile
  • Has the exact problem you solve in a high intensity way
  • Is actively searching for a solution to their problem
  • Is considering buying from you.

Identity resolution gives you more Gold sales leads

Identity Resolution gives you more gold sales leads. We define a gold sales lead as someone who meets all 4 of the criteria above.

Site Visitor Identity Resolution

With this gold sales lead, we know exactly who the lead is, where he works, what he is searching for, what he is looking at when he is on our website, and we know he meets our ideal target profile. If you are the sales manager or the sales person, how would you like to get an email every morning with 10 to 20 people like this? Ready, set sell.

 What to do with a Gold Sales Lead

You are only limited by your marketing creativity. We run a weekly webinar series where we look at what our clients find successful when converting gold leads to prospects and then to clients.

Here’s a list of what you can do with your daily list of Gold Leads:

  • Pick up the phone and call them
  • Send an email or email sequence specific to the issue they are researching
  • Launch a multi-channel, individually focused retargeting campaign
  • Send them a piece of direct mail
  • Launch direct targeting radio and TV advertisements
  • Invite them to a webinar

All will work. Why? because this gold lead is a better sales lead! They meet your ideal target profile, they are looking to solve the problem you solve and they are considering you. When you have all that going for you, the sales part is the easy part.

3-Steps to better sales leads

  1. Target your ideal target clients
  2. Know when they are considering you
  3. Launch multi-channel, personalized, lead nurturing campaign

Target your ideal target clients

Today you can directly target almost any audience with digital advertising. From display advertisements, to promoted posts, to email, and even to TV and Radio, when you know who to target, the platforms will put your message in-front of your audience.

Leverage Site Visitor Identity Resolution. Especially for B2B applications, building a list of ideal target prospects is a critical first step. If, for example, you sell to civil engineers working for construction firms, you can identify them directly through list providers or Linkedin and then put that list into a CRM system. Then that CRM list is mapped to our identity graph, so when one of these individuals responds to an ad and visits your website, you will know that specifically who that visitor is and what they were looking at.

Know when they are considering you

Launch multi-channel, personalized, lead nurturing campaigns.