B2B Lead Generation – Identity Resolution 3.0

B2B lead generation through Identity Resolution

How do you generate more B2B Sales Leads without breaking the bank?

Turn more of website visitors into closeable sales leads using Identity Resolution 3.0

B2B lead generation is changing rapidly and identity resolution technology is dramatically impacting how sales teams identify and engage with their best leads.

Today, Identity Resolution 3.0:

  • Will tell you the name, job title, email address, phone number, company name, and navigation behaviors of your website visitors
  • Combines the information from your CRM database with our identity graph covering more than 250m American consumers and
  • Show you when your ideal target customers are on your website and what they are researching
  • Every day, deliver Gold Leads right to your B2B sales team’s inbox.


Gold Lead

Stages of Identity Resolution

How did we get here? Identity resolution has always been key to B2B lead generation. Over the past 10 years, there have been two prior generations of identity resolution.

Identity Resolution 1.0 – IP based identity resolution

The first generation B2B lead generation using identity resolution was based on the IP address of the person hitting your page. While this was interesting at the time, it’s usefulness to B2B sales teams was limited. If someone was researching your company while they were at home, they are generally using a common IP. One that is registered through their ISP. So knowing someone using a comcast IP address in Philadelphia is not really very helpful to your B2B sales team.

What was helpful was when someone came to your website from their work computer. At least if they worked at a large company who registered their IP address. Then at least you would know someone who works at IBM has visited your website. Again, that is interesting information but not really directly actionable to a sales team.

Identity Resolution 2.0 – Pixel based identity resolution

Then came the pixel. Now pixels are everywhere and for a good reason. When the pixel fires it can identify the device id of the computer on the page and then go back to an identity graph to match that devise id to a specific user. Now we have cross devise, people based identity resolution. This has made Facebook and Google billions of dollars. But for them, they keep that information to themselves. They don’t tell you how the user is. They want you to advertise with them so they can use the pixel for you.

identity graph

Privacy is obviously a driver here and these restrictions make sense, especially in the B2C world.

We developed our own people based identity resolution process and pixel. We have built our own identity graph. Our big difference is that we give you the actual user data along with the navigation for that user. It is yours. Permanent. Transportable from system to system. And, privacy protected through SHA-256 hash encryption. For B2C applications this gives you control over your data and allows you to build look a like lists and run retargeting campaigns across competing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Google, Pinterest, etc.

For B2C is still has limitations since there is not a simple and easy way for the sales team to work with the encrypted data.

Identity Resolution 3.0 – Pixel mapped to CRM identity resolution

Identity Resolution 3.0 is the solution B2B lead generation that sales teams love. With our updated product, we can match the user’s encrypted identifier to your CRM database or to our national B2B database. This then turns an anonymous visitor into a real live person. And since this is used in B2B lead generation and sales, there are no limits on what or how you can use this date.

Your business is already generating site visitor traffic from your SEO or paid advertising campaigns. But only a very small percentage of these visitors are ready to take action right now and opt-in to your offer. By leveraging our Identity Resolution 3.0 technology, you can follow up with your ideal target customers as they prefer.

  • Pick up the phone and call them. It’s not really a cold call since they already know who you are and you know they are interested in your product.
  • Send them an email. Specific to their business, their problem, your solution.
  • Send them a letter. You remember letters right? Those paper things that come in the mail. Try it today. I guarantee it will get read.
  • Launch a retargeting campaign.
  • Get in the car and stop by (at least once COVID is behind us).

Identity Resolution 3.0 turns more of your website visitors into closeable sales leads.

Understanding your prospect’s buyers journey is the key to successful B2B Lead Generation

Identity resolution 3.0 is built to match your B2B lead generation tools directly to your prospect’s buyers journey.

Define the problem

Once the prospect becomes aware of a PROBLEM they thoroughly research and define the problem. Prospects can’t begin to solve their problem until they become aware of every important and relevant issue.

Evaluate solutions

Prospects are focused solely on HOW they can solve their problem. What options are available to them. For example: a pill, cream or injection. In doing this they can better understand which options are best matched to their desired result

Compare options

Prospects are focused on WHO is going to help them solve their problem. Hopefully they’ve been learning from you in all three stages and see how you stack up. They they reach out to start a physical conversation. But we both know that 98% of your website visitors will take no action at all.

A common misconception is that the 98% who leave your site buy from a rival. You do lose some to rivals and alternatives, but not as many as you think. The vast majority leave your site and do nothing.

With B2B Lead Generation – Your real problem is overcoming the status quo

A common misconception is that the 98% who leave your site buy from a rival. You do lose some to rivals and alternatives, but not as many as you think. The vast majority leave your site and do nothing.

They’ve done significant research. They’re definitely interested in your company. The fact is 98% are closeable. Yet they haven’t reached out to start the sales process.

Face it, your website and content has built solid momentum, but it can only be expected to do so much.

Use B2B Identity Resolution 3.0 to immediately follow-up physically and start a personal one-to-one conversation that advances the relationship. That crushes the status quo and closes the sale.


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