How To Get 5-Star Google Review

5-Star Google Review

More 5-Star Google Review.

Getting more 5-star Google Review comments is the #1 thing you can do right now to improve both the number of prospects who respond to your advertising and the ultimate closing ratio you see in your sales funnel. In this post we review the eight steps to take right now to get more 5-star Google Reviews.

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Let me start with a question. Would you prefer a 20% price advantage over your competition or twice as many 5-Star Google Reviews as your competition?


For me, I’d take more 5-star Google Reviews anytime. Here’s why:

  • If I had a 20% price advantage, I would not use it all, rather charge a more market competitive price and use the extra profit to grow my business. Plus, big pricing advantages tend to not last very long. Eventually the market adapts, and the advantage goes away.
  • Twice as many 5-star Google Reviews is a permanent advantage. One that never goes away. 90+ percent of all consumers look at reviews when evaluating a purchase. That advantage will allow you to sell your services at a premium. Giving you the financial resources to continue delivering 5-star Google Review Services.


How to get more 5-star Google reviews.

Step-1 do good work.

You really don’t have to be a rock star here. Just show up on time, do good work, deliver the product or service as promised, communicate with your customer. And the number one thing you must do … ask for the review.

Step-2 ask for the review.

80% or more of businesses DO NOT ask for a 5-Star Google Review from every customer after every interaction. If you don’t ask, you won’t get very many 5-Star Google Reviews. Not only that, but you will also probably get a lot more negative review than you should since people who have a bad experience are more likely to take the effort to find you online and leave a bad review. The internet does that to people. Makes them angry for some reason. Anyway, that is an entirely different subject for another day.

Step-3 minimize the negative reviews.

We have a “special trick” to minimize negative reviews. Ready? First, we ask a client if they will write us a 5-Star Google Review. If they say no, we send them to a feedback form. They give us valuable (if painful) negative feedback and we respond individually. They don’t end up posting the negative review online where is lives forever.

Step-5 make it easy.

Here’s the second part of the “special trick”. When they say yes, they will write us a 5-Star Google Review, we take them right to the Google review page. Don’t make your customers have to figure out where and how to write the review. They may love your service, but they won’t work very hard to navigate Google’s review system

Step-6 Google Baby.

There are lots of places where it makes sense to get good reviews. But the #1 place you must have lots of great reviews is on Google and specifically your Google My Business listing. Your Google My Business listing is a free advertising service from Google and when you get lots of great reviews, they will send you more organic traffic. Get more than 100 5-star reviews and you will see a market increase in your organic site traffic. More than 1,000 reviews, and you will be an SEO #1 listing.

Step-7 Promote yourself.

Now that you have good reviews coming in regularly, you want to make sure your prospective customers see the reviews. Integrate the reviews directly on your website and landing page. Active and recent social media proof is 100 times better than old, tired, generic customer testimonials.

Step-8 Execute.

Make it happen. Schedule a strategy call with us and we will review where you are now and help you develop and implement a plan to create hundreds of 5-star reviews. The strategy call is free and the result to you can be hundreds of more 5-Star Google Review comments.

Why it matters.

If you want to grow your business, getting more traffic to your website is an important first step. Reviews drive the google algorithm and the Google Algorithm decides what traffic to send to your website. Google is most concerned with providing a good experience to its users. If someone asks about kitchen remodeling near them, the last thing Google wants to do is refer to a bad contractor. How do they know who is good? They read the reviews too.

5-Star Google Review

Prospects love reading reviews before they buy. Who would you prefer to buy from in the above example. The contractor who is first with 10 reviews or the contractor 2nd with 75 reviews. Perhaps the 3rd with 65 reviews but a slightly higher rating 4.8. From this example all three give us an idea that they are good. I know I’d probably start with the person who has 75 reviews. It gives me a lot more information to digest.

What if one of these had 1,000 reviews. That would get my attention for sure.

To have Google send you traffic reliably you need review. The more great reviews. The more traffic they will send you. Simple.

Learn How To Get More 5-Star Reviews For Your Business.

Schedule a Free Strategy Session and let’s discuss how you can implement these steps this month. You’ll have lots more 5-Star Google Reviews within a week.