Mavens of Marketing Discuss A.I. in Digital Marketing

Mavens of Marketing Podcast

Recently, I was a guest on the Mavens of Marketing podcast with Rachel Durken and Kerry Barrett where we discussed how artificial intelligence is changing digital marketing. The changes are coming fast and furiously and it’s hard to keep up with. But in just 30 minutes, we cover all the most important issues impacting digital marketers right now.

Apple IOS 14.5

Apple IOS 14.5 is the first and most fundamental change in 2021. Campaigns that were working great before the change saw campaigns grind to a halt. Developers scrambled to get the conversion information Facebook needs to leverage its A.I. algorithm as the pixel stopped working for roughly half their website traffic. Even now, the reporting from Facebook on campaign performance is significantly lagging the actual results.

Death of  the third party pixel

The second and related change is the death of the third party pixel. Facebook and many other pixels are no longer as effective as they used to be. Today, marketers must have full control over their own first party data. Who is on your site, what actions are they taking, how do you maintain top of mind awareness to you best prospects regardless of where they are. Online of offline.

There are tools that give marketers full control over both who they should be targeting and who is actively considering a purchase of what they sell. None are better than our own Demand Insight 2.0 marketing system. Direct first party data that can be analyzed, integrated into CRM systems, and used to drive re-marketing across platforms. And, all for pennies per lead.

Watch the full podcast below


Free Training – A.I. Driven Marketing

In addition to the information in the Mavens of Marketing podcast, we have produced a robust, free training course. The course will show you how all companies can use the three most popular A.I. algorithms to grow sales right now. Including details on what it really costs to use these programs.