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3 Simple Steps To Double Sales Leads In 7-Days

Doubling sales leads quickly is not that hard. Actually I would say it is simple with the digital marketing tools and artificial intelligence algorithms available today. No longer do you have to be a Fortune 500 company to afford these tools. Plus, most of the big companies who can afford to invest heavily in this area, are still operating “the old fashioned” way and generally are NOT taking full advantage of the tools available to them. So the playing field is wide open. How many new clients do you want this month? This year?

Here are the 3 steps to follow if you want to double sales leads (and new client sales) this week.

Step – 1 Determine Your Ideal Target Prospect

To get more qualified sales leads, you have to be clear in who you are targeting.

This starts with demographic information like age, sex, job title, company type. Basically, anything you can define and buy a list for.  For example, we sell to business owners, heads of sales or marketing, and generally of firms who have more than 100 employees. In the B2B world this is pretty easy. We can buy lists of executives who fit our ideal target profile inexpensively. What I want is generally their email address. More on why below.

When selling to consumers directly, you need to add an extra step and really think about the issues that your customer is facing. What they are thinking about, the problem they want to solve right now. This is the psychographic information.

Armed with both demographic and psychographic information on your ideal target client, you are ready to move to step 2

Step – 2 Generate Relevant Traffic

Digital marketing allows us to focus our advertising on those prospects who are interested in what we have to say. There is no need to take our a billboard on the highway. No, we can get the message we want right into the phone, web browser, even TV or radio of our ideal prospect and ignore everyone who doesn’t fit our ideal target prospect.

We generate relevant traffic 3 ways using the target prospect information from above.

Upload the list of prospects (their email) into:

  1. Facebook and create a custom audience.
  2. Google and Adroll and create a custom audience
  3. A “cold email” platform

Now, using all 3 tools, we advertise. We pay to put our message right in front of our specific list of ideal target customers.

When we advertise we focus on poking at the top problem that we solve. Everyone is most sensitive to their problems and if you poke at a painful problem, you will get their attention. This is not the time to talk about your solution or your product. All the focus is on your prospect and their problem.

We are looking for them to take just one action. To click on our ad or email link and go to a landing page.

Step- 3 Identify Hot Sales Leads

The landing page is where the magic happens. This is where we identify our sales leads. Remember, up to now we have identified our ideal target audience and then poked at the problem we solve. When they click it means they are indeed interested in solving that problem. They are indeed now a hot lead. But who are they, how do we follow-up and turn them into a prospect.

The first step is identity resolution. Our Site Visitor Code will tell you the name, email, phone number, LinkedIn profile and more of all your site visitors. Every day your sales team gets a list of all the target prospects who have raised their hand by clicking on your ad and are now trying to learn how you can solve their problem.

The second step is the opt-in. The landing page needs to follow the basic marketing formula of Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

Follow the marketing Equation on the landing page

The Interrupt is the problem we just poked at. The headline of the landing page needs to also poke at that problem. Make it hurt!

Then  we engage with the promise of a solution. Then we have to educate the reader as to how we solve their problem, why we are different, and why they should consider us.

Finally, we need an offer that is a low-risk way to take the next step in the sales process. If we want them to opt-in and give us their name, email and phone number, what do they get in exchange? It better be good. Something they want in a high intensity way.

When you combine the identity resolution with the opt-in, you now have a flood of qualified sales leads to nurture. The bigger the sale, the more nurture is required. If you are selling a $29 training program, you might be able to get a 1-step close. But when you are selling a $50,000 car or a $12,000 marketing platform it’s not realistic to think you are getting a 1-step close. You have to build know like a trust and give the prospect the information they need to move from a lead to prospect.

From leads to prospects

Now that you have a list of ideal target prospects who are actively considering you, how do you move them from a lead to a prospect? Check out our blog for more ideas.

Want to double your sales leads in less than 7 days. I’ll show you how here.