How To Send Direct Mail To 50,000 Prospects For Free!

akela-partners-weekly-training-video-2How to send direct mail to 50,000 qualified prospects for free!

In this week’s training video, we learn the secrets of direct mail marketing and show you how you can send direct mail to 50,000 candidates for free. The key to successful marketing is repetition; experts  now say that it takes between 7 to 21 touch points to establish trust, respect, and rapport  to get a prospect to convert into a customer. So how can small business with limited funds and get their name there?

First, make a list of additional services that your clients may favor. Then start calling other companies that are not in direct   competition with your business and will offer the services that your customers want. You will want to call   these business’ and get only one of each type of service to come onboard to do a direct mail piece. You will want to find a minimum of 10 non-competitive business’ to be onboard.  Remember before contacting any of the business’ you will want to know the cost of everything.

Next, you will create a direct mail postcard with an offer  for your business, and you will obtain a postcard from each company that you have partnered with   . Then you will want to contact a list broker that will match the ideal client for you and the business’ that partnered with you. You will be creating your own Val pak with your partners. Now get each business’ approval to do ten separate mailings for    a total cost of $50,000. Which is only $500 per mailing per business;  which will help each business gain about 50 new clients

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