Making Sales And Marketing Fun

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Is sales and marketing something you must do … but not something you love to do!

Why is that? Because you are great at what you do. Whether that is plumbing, engineering, accounting, negotiating, cooking, sailing, building, architecting, designing, sewing, cleaning, even thinking. But, the “art” of sales and marketing is a mystery shrouded in cold calls, email campaigns, advertising budgets, social media posts and something called content marketing!

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Just as you have guidelines and processes in your business, there are a few key processes to learn and adopt to become a marketing and sales superstar. It starts with knowing who is your ideal client and then getting their attention. Once you have broken through the clutter, you must walk them through a proven and repeatable sales process. But to be effective, you need to stop selling like it’s 1985. The internet has changed everything and that means your marketing and sales process must adapt to how people research and buy.

Join us and learn. We are conducting a number of workshops in the Philadelphia Area in March and April. There free and they are fun. Thanks to the sponsorship of WeWork and American Executive Centers all you have to do is show up and let us show you how to make sales and marketing fun. After all, we love sales and marketing too. In just 90 minutes and you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your ideal customer, their emotional hot buttons, and how narrowing your focus will turbo charge growth
  • Create a strategic marketing plan that makes your ideal customer take notice of your offer.
  • Build a sales and marketing plan that maintains Top Of Mind Awareness.

Bonus! When you register, you’ll receive complementary access to our 4-video series: The Insider Secrets To Generating All The Sales Your Business Can Handle”

Learn more and register here: