How To Build A Massive Email List

How To Build A Massive Email List

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We hear it all the time – how do we as a business owner generate a massive amount of leads for little to no money and create more revenue? I bet you’ve heard it all – Google AdWords, Social Media, free samples and so on. However, a common problem encountered is, are these massive number of leads qualified? If not, then you will not be able to convert any of them into a client, which cause business’ today to have horrible results and spend a fortune on ineffective marketing.

So what’s the real key to generating instant income? Attract more targeted clients that will increase your sales. By doing this, you can explode your revenue by as much as 16 times. So let’s define your target client which will be key to generating revenue.

Target Client:

–    They do not only buy but use your product with passion

–    Share your passion for what you do

–    They WANT instead of needing what you offer

–    They do not just use your product/service. They LOVE it

–    They do not just purchase what you sell. They feel they could not LIVE without it

Now we want to write out series of 20 questions along with the answers.

–    Top ten questions clients most frequently ask

–    Top ten questions clients SHOULD be asking (these are the issues that they need to know about your service/product, but don’t)

These questions will show prospects that you are in fact an expert and establish credibility in your field.  Once you have these 20 questions and answers done, you are now able to create your E-book. Don’t forget that you want to make the title your target audiences’ hot button. Ex. A personal trainer whose E-book focus’ on soon to be brides – would title it “The only step-by-step fitness and weight loss program designed specifically for the bride-to-be that’s guaranteed to get you in the dress of your dreams and fast.”

Great! You have created your first e-book, now looking at all the information that you have written can your e-book be repurposed? Let’s use the example of the personal trainer again. Couldn’t you target seniors? Let’s change the title to “The only step-by-step fitness and weight loss program designed specifically for seniors looking to maintain their health and vitality” and then change some of the wording within the E-book. By doing this, you are creating different informational content for various groups of target clients.

How does this all create a massive amount of leads? Once you have created your e-book(s), which comes at no cost at attracting your target clients. You begin to put it out there in the world, at locations (physical or on websites) that your target audience would visit. Ex. If you are writing a fitness e-book for brides, you can contact bridal shops to give them your free book with their service. The bridal shops provide your site; that will ask them for your new leads’ information before they can obtain your free e-book. Social media is also a great tool to share your E-books with the world. Do not put in offer in the e-book for what you do, remember the point of the E-book is to show that you are an expert in your field and creating a relationship with your client. You may, however, put live links to other offers or content that your audience will be interested.

Now that you have obtained all these emails you will be able to put them into an automated drip campaign that will offer other services or products that you can then sell to them. Don’t forget to add a viral marketing component (refer a friend) at the end of each email, which can potentially increase your leads by 15%.

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