How To Generate A Revenue Producing Website – Part 1

Do you want to know the marketing secret for design websites that turn into lead generating and money making machines?

The key is to design and build websites and landing pages that focus on what your prospects want your product or service to do for them. Your prospects are looking for a solution to a problem, are trying to overcome a frustration, relieve a fear, or remove a concern.

So, what’s the difference between a website and landing page?

Website: Your website’s homepage is the first page your prospects come to if they only want to visit your site to see what’s on it, to find out who you are, or to learn what your business is all about. A typical website’s homepage offers too many options. Prospects are often bombarded with information, links, offers, images, and service listings.

Landing Page: When a web user clicks on a link, they’re directed to the landing page. This page features information on the product or service. Its primary focus is to encourage the prospect to buy online or take some other action that eventually leads to a sale. By integrating your marketing campaigns with specific landing pages online reinforces your message and keeps them laser-focused on your offer. You can also use your landing page to capture leads and prospect information.

Specific landing pages are designed to let your prospects know that they have come to the right place. And saves them time and effort and lowering your bounce rate. The Landing page will immediately convey the hot buttons the moment a prospect lands on it.

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