How To Generate Leads Using Webinars – PART 1

Have you ever wondered how you could generate leads and close more sales online by using webinars and teleseminars? This week’s training video will help you learn the secrets of using webinars and teleseminars to increase leads and conversions.

When most business owners think about Internet marketing, they focus on email, PPC or SEO. Unfortunately, this type of marketing has the same drawbacks as direct mail; they are passive in nature and can be much more expensive when compared to webinars. But is your business right for webinars/teleseminars?

Do you want to:

-Increase sales?

-Grow your revenue?

-Capture and convert more leads?

-Boost your brand?

-Position yourself as an expert?

-Reach a global audience?

-Create new and passive streams of income?

-Be first to market in your niche?

-Prepare your company to be sold?

-Leverage the media make more money?

-Have more fun?

Well, webinars and teleseminars can do all of this and more! Unfortunately, there are five Big Mistakes business owners make when trying to host a webinar.

  1. Underestimating the effort involved to compel prospects to attend your event.
  2. You fail to develop and use a compelling script.
  3. You neglect to take full advantage of the technology.
  4. You fail to employ proven and tested direct-response marketing techniques.
  5. Lack of follow-up preparation – only 4% of prospects are now buyers.

Check out the training video to learn the six Foolproof Strategies that ensure your webinar will be a major success.

Tune into next week’s training video to complete the strategy to obtaining more leads and closing more sales online using webinars and teleseminars and learn the insider secrets to generating leads and hosting a presentation that will leave your prospects wanting more!