How to Write Persuasive Marketing

In this week’s training video, we discuss the secrets to persuasive marketing and how you can use it to influence your prospects how to buy what you sell. Persuasion marketing is so important today because business owners need to provide an experience that is focused on the seven fundamentals for business growth.

What are these seven fundamentals?

Everyone wants the best deal. That doesn’t mean the lowest price, it means the most value. Your prospects won’t mind paying twice the price if they perceive four times the value.

Always market to the negative. Humans will do anything to avoid pain, but will do little to gain pleasure. The biggest mistake you can do as a business owner is marketing to the positive and avoiding the negative. Show your prospects the solutions to their problems (hot buttons) and they will buy from you forever. 

Prospects buy based on emotion. We make buying decisions based on emotion. They only use logic to justify their purchase. Prospects want to avoid pain, and want a solution that resonates with them emotionally. Hit your prospects right in their hot button and you’ll automatically make an emotional connection. 

Make your business unique. Different prospects have different hot buttons. It is critical to separate your business from your competition. The best way to be unique by creating a “niche” to serve. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. 

Create extraordinary value. Prospects want the best “value” for the price they pay. Price only matters because so few businesses are “unique”. Most businesses all look and say the same things. Prospects want to know how they will benefit from what you sell. Select your niche market, find the hot buttons, and offer an extraordinary solution that separates your business from all the competitors.

Communicate your uniqueness and extraordinary value. Create a highly targeted message that will tell your prospects that you have exactly have what they want. This message is your elevator pitch also known as your million-dollar message. This message must highlight the way you overcome their hot buttons in a unique way and offer extraordinary value. 

Prospects buy what they want, not what they need. Needs are based on logic and wants are based on emotion. If you can create a marketing message based on emotion, your business will dominate your competition.

So how do you use the seven fundamentals to create persuasive marketing? We use a Marketing Equation that has four basic components: interrupt, engage, educate, and offer. This equation appeals to consumers’ emotional and social wants and needs. It is so important because it helps focuses your message to impact your prospects when they are suffocating under so many other marketing messages. By using this type of marketing, your business should see a dramatic increase in the number of leads you begin to generate, the number of clients you begin to attract, and the amount of money you see accumulating on your bottom line.

Learn how to put this all to work for your business. Request our “Insider Secrets To Generating All The Sales Your Business Can Handle”.