Prayers For Las Vegas

I’m still angry. Yesterday morning I sat down draft an invitation to our October CEO Roundtable For Growth program but the news of the tragedy in Las Vegas was overwhelming. 24 hours later, it is not getting any better.  I can’t fathom the evil that would cause someone to massacre strangers. I can only imagine the pain and grief being felt by so many today. I’m mad, but who am I mad at? The shooter is dead. Mostly there is a feeling of helplessness. Somehow, I hope our country can find ways to come together and act more civilly toward each other in the future.

Which brings this blog post back to what we can do to help improve the situation here at a local level. One problem I see today is how easily we isolate ourselves behind our computers, Facebook feeds, and political bubbles. For many, we don’t spend enough time together, face to face, sharing ideas, arguing, and learning from each other.  

For us, the most important thing is to see our clients succeed. For them to grow quickly, profitably, and positively impact the communities in which they live and work. While we develop tools and resources to help them succeed, what we are most proud of is our focus and commitment to bringing business leaders together for real time, face to face, peer meetings and discussions. While we have a lot of expertise to share, I’ve found that the true magic happens when you put several smart, passionate people in a room together and let them work, struggle, and share with each other.

 So, please take the time to work on your business, with your associates and peers, face to face, and listen intently to their issues, struggles and challenges. I believe you will find solutions to your own problems in the process. And, hopefully make the world a better place.