The Secret to Referrals – Part 2

In this week’s training video, we continue from last week (click here to read that blog) and look at the secrets to obtaining quality referrals for your business.

7 ideas for getting your clients on board.

  1. Simplicity – Send a thank you card when your clients send you a referral.
  1. Include a Little Goodie – if you present the gift as more of a thank you than an incentive the customer will feel more compelled to refer you more often.
  1. All your client to be the ‘Big Shot’– Give a select number of your regular customers’ ‘coupons’ to gift to the people they know inviting them to come to your business and receive a complimentary product/service
  1. The Big Bang Offer – Once a client sends high-quality referrals, consider offering them a Big Band reward that ties to what you sell. The more over the top the prize, the better.
  1. Bonuses – What about offering a reward for each new referral. The bonus could be a discounted service or anything that would impress them as an important and valuable gift for just telling people about you.
  1. Discounts or Refunds – Consider offering refunds or apply several refunds to clients who buy from you shortly after. Or refund a certain dollar amount if they purchase from you within a certain time frame.
  1. Show Me the Money – Think about printing your own fake money with a picture of your office or establishment on it. The pretend money can be exchanged for goods or services at your business.

To guarantee the success of any referral system, it is important that you know and understand how to handle the referrals you receive from your clients. Now, let’s start a plan to recruit these prospects.

  1. What unique benefits can your referral prospects expect?
  1. Will the referrals be treated special?
  1. What are the incentives?

Once, you have these questions down the next step is to personally communicate with the prospects and answer those three questions for them.

Referrals are a fast, inexpensive and risk-free way to generate vast numbers of qualified leads for your business. Every business should be using this revenue generating strategy.