3 Massive Mistakes That Crush Sales Growth


Our work shows that 98% of all small businesses are making 3 massive mistakes that practically guarantee they are working too hard, not making enough money and struggling to create a thriving business. Whether you have 2 or 200 employees, I can practically guarantee you are making at least one of these mistakes. So what are they?

Fuzzy Focus – It may seem counter-intuitive, but narrowing your niche will dramatically expand your business.

More Marketing Mush – Does your marketing articulate your market dominating position? If not, you will sound like everyone else?

Sloppy Sales Process – You got a lead, congratulations! Now what. Without a process to maintain top of mind awareness you’ll lose 98% of all potential sales.

Now let me show you how to identify and solve each one.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of American Executive Centers, we are hosting a series of live workshops and webinars in September and October. This is a free, fast paced 90-minute program that will show you how to identify and fix these 3 massive mistakes … and you’re invited!

You will learn true cost of not clearly defining your niche. How to create a strategic marketing plan that works for all channels and a simple 5-part sales formula to turn leads into customers.

Most importantly, we’ll show you the exact steps to turn this educational material into actionable content. I.e. More Profits.

Learn more and register here: www.akela-partners.com/accelerate