Is Social Media Advertising Effective?

Is social media advertisement effective?


Of course, it is, as long as it is used correctly. Not only is it effective, but it is one of the fastest and convenient advertisement methods out there, say goodbye to dealing with 3rd party companies to run a focus group and doing a-b testing on a select but unreliable traditional marketing. A-B testing with social media is as easy 1-2-3, and after receiving the data from your social media analytics, its even easier to just tell your social media platforms to remarket to that same group.

Well then, what’s the best approach to social media advertisement to make it as efficient as possible?

Here are a few tips:

You have to know the psychology of your target market.  Ask yourself what are your target audience looking for, why are they looking for it, where will they use your product, which brand is better, and how will it affect them. This will help you identify your particular niche, target market, and help you design your interrupt, engage, educate and offer when promoting your product.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good photo or thumbnail for your video. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and what a better way to spotlight your product with a picture,  especially when images process 60,000 times faster than words! So why not leave your customers first impression of your product with something they will not be able to forget or resist to click?

It is not only about your feed. Posting content on to your Facebook feed is only step one; it is about boosting those posts and engaging your fan base! Why should I promote a post, won’t everyone who likes my page see what I post in their news feed? Unfortunately, no, Facebook only allows about 10% of your followers to see your post, by boosting your post not only will you reach the 90% of your fans that Facebook did not show it to, but to people who may not have heard of your brand yet. So how do I keep my fans engaged? You can post a poll or survey, ask them to caption the photo for you, respond to their messages quickly, creating/joining groups/forums, hold Q&A sessions, or host social media contests.

Use the correct social media platform to advertise. In today’s age, it feels like there is a new platform every day & each one does something different. However, if your target audience is men ages 65+ and you are using Pinterest & Snapchat to advertise before you try a different platform that has higher users with your target audience, you are wasting time and money. So do your research on social media platforms and their demographics before advertising.