Close More Sales By Eliminating Risk

In this week’s training video, we’ll show you how to close more sales by eliminating the perception of risk your prospects feel when they are buying from you. The concept of risk reversal is simple but requires you to identify the reasons why a customer would hesitate to buy.

Once you determine the reasons why a customer would hesitate to buy, you will need to think of things you can do to help your prospect over those hurdles. Risk reversal is like a guarantee, but it is much more powerful. It’s so powerful that prospects won’t be able to turn away from it because at this point customers will feel that they have nothing to lose; only something to gain.

There are different levels of guarantee:

Level 1 – Standard Guarantee – offers buyers 30-day period for a full refund. Unfortunately, your competitors probably offer this guarantee too.

Level 2 – Extended Time Period – This extends the level 1 guarantee 90 or more-days. By giving the customer 90 days to try out your product, you lower the refund rate.

Level 3 – Try and then Buy Guarantee – This allows the buyer to try the product/service for free or a small fee.

Level 4 – Guaranteed Results – This allows the customer to claim a full refund.

Level 5 – Customer always wins guarantee – This allows customers to return the primary product for a full refund, but they can keep accompanying gifts.

Level 6 – Platinum Guarantee – This is the double your money back guarantee. You must be sure that your product or service is excellent.

The key is to figure out what is keeping prospects from moving through the sales process then develop a risk reversal strategy to convert more leads into sales and watch your sales skyrocket.

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