How To Generate Leads Using Videos

In this week’s training video, we discuss how to set up a lead generation system for your business using videos. In previous posts, we have reviewed the importance of creating preeminence by establishing credibility and trust with visitors and prospects; this will help highlight the difference between you and your competitors while creating a desire for your product/service. Videos are an excellent way to offer content. It quickly captures your prospects attention while moving your business up in the search engine rankings.

Here are the six steps to generating leads using videos:

  1. Write out ten questions your clients most frequently ask
  2. Write out ten questions your customers should be asking, but don’t know to ask.
  3. Record 20 short videos responding to each question. Each video should be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length.
  4. Record 4 short “mini” videos.
    • Mini video 1 – At the end of each 20 short videos add this mini video to tell people to go to your Video Lead Capture Landing Page to receive all 20 videos
    • Mini video 2 – This is your lead capture page video; this will go on your landing page to get prospects to give you their contact information to receive all 20 videos.
    • Mini Video 3 – This is your ‘Thank You Page’ video. After someone fills in your form, you tell them they’ll receive their first video as soon as they click a confirmation link that your autoresponder emails them.
    • Mini Video 4 – This video is the “Buy My Stuff.” You will put this video on the thank you page or on a separate landing page.
  5. Create a Lead Capture Page – you will send people here after they watch your video to sign up for the remaining videos.
  6. Upload your videos to as many video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, podcast directories, social networks and blogs as possible.

Once you have completed step six search engines will “gobble up” your videos quickly. Within 24 to 48 hours, you’ll dominate the keyword phrases your videos are associated with. Your organic rankings will rise dramatically, and you will begin to see a massive influx of prospects coming to your site to request the videos. You can then repurpose your content, here are some suggestions:

  • Send your videos to all video content sites like YouTube
  • Post video links to as many social bookmarking sites
  • Place your video on Social Networks
  • Put them on blogs as well
  • Turn your video/audio into a podcast and offer a subscription
  • Notify all available podcast directories.

How does this all create a massive amount of leads? Once you have created your videos and completed step six above and your audience starts providing you with their contact information you will now be able to put them into an automated drip campaign that will offer other services or products that you can then sell to them.

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