Competition-Crushing Sales Process

If you’re serious about growing your business take special advantage of this week’s free training video where we look at how to create a competition crushing sales process.

A sales process should be your business’ roadmap that defines a specific set of steps for marketing and selling your product or service. Each step needs to consist of several key activities that produce a predictable, measurable outcome.  In this week’s training video, you will learn step by step on how to create your own sales process.

There are three basic components for a sales process:

Lead generation; reach prospects with a hot button message (their problem) that gets them to raise their hand and acknowledge their interested in what you sell.

Lead qualifications separates prospects into those who WANT versus those who NEED what you sell.

Lead conversion transforms a prospect into a client by gaining their final commitment to buy.

When thinking about where to start you will want to begin with Lead Conversion. You must first ask where the sale will take place which are called your distribution channel. From there you will choose which channel(s) are best for your business. Once you have chosen all the distribution channel possibilities you can overlay 20 marketing strategies and choose the ones that will work for your business. Once you narrow down the marketing strategies that you will be using you then need to assign the tactics that will produce the results you want.

When your sales process is executed properly it will increase response and conversion rates, improve client retention, save you from making costly marketing mistakes, and provide a roadmap that takes prospects into the decision-making process and through the closing process. When you know the three basic components of your sales process and the role they play you will position yourself years ahead of your competition.

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