Don’t settle for 2% opt-in rates

The old way of generating leads is dead. Companies that are embracing people-based identity resolution technology. Everyone else is going to be left fighting over the crumbs.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Roel Hoekstra and I’m the managing partner at Akela Partners. I’ve spent my career solving tough problems using data analysis. I earned my degrees in Economics and Computer Science at Denison University and then moved into the management consulting field.

My big claim to fame is that I developed an analytical framework to evaluate the medical plans of large, Fortune 500 companies. That framework saved my clients hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars and is still being used today.

In 2010 I launched Akela Partners as a consulting firm focused on marketing and sales strategy. I’ve seen the changes taking place in this space up-close and personally. I see the same kind of seismic change happening right now in marketing that impacted the group health insurance marketplace 20 years ago.

Technology is driving the change. Now as it was then. The trends are unstoppable. Everyone is connected, all the time. How we expect to get information about products and services is changing as a result.

The internet of things is real. In 2019 there were 7b connected devises. By the end of this year, Forrester Research projects that there will be more than 20b connected devises.

Each devise, every connected refrigerator, car, doorbell and phone are generating information about what we are doing. What we are interested in. The problems we are trying to solve. Customers now demand customized solutions and interactive experiences. They are greedy, as probably you are greedy. They want more and want to pay less for it.

The old way of generating leads is dead. Companies that are embracing technology in this area will dominate. Everyone else is going to be left fighting over the crumbs.

These trends are in their early stages so you absolutely can take advantage of technology that will allow you to see into your customers buyer’s journey. Give your prospects the content they want when and where they want it. So, they can make a good buying decision. Do this, and you will significantly lower your costs too.

For marketing and sales leaders who are dissatisfied with results of their current lead generation strategies, my approach is to leverage identity resolution, big data, and machine learning to provide you with not only more leads, but better leads. Leads who are actively looking for the solution to a problem that you solve and who want to talk to you.

Unlike IP based identity resolution tools, or simple lead funnels, my idea is to use deterministic identity resolution technology – what we call site visitor match – as the base solution to generating more leads. There is no need to be satisfied with 2% opt in rates when I can tell you the identities of more than 50% of your site visitors and you can develop customized conversations based on the individual interests of each site visitor. And do this for pennies.

How Identity Resolution works

Let’s start by looking at how we do identity resolution. Then I’ll tell you how we use identity resolution to generate the outcomes you want … new customers.

If you are frustrated with the success of your current lead generation strategies, it is because you are not competing for enough business. If a prospect doesn’t consider you when looking for a solution to a top of mind problem, then there is no way for you to make the sale.

First, we need to dramatically increase the volume of leads available. How about an instant 25 times increase in lead volume?

Let’s look at an example. If your website currently gets 5,000 visitors per month and you get a 2% opt-in rate, then you are identifying 100 potential leads. Our identity resolution pixel will resolve the identity of at least 50% o of your visitors. That’s 2,500 potential leads.

What changed? What took you from 100 potential leads to 2,500 potential leads. What generated a 25X increase in lead flow? Installing one line of code on your website. Simple and easy.

This might not be the right answer for you.

Our pixel by itself is not a magic bullet. To be successful, it must be applied carefully, your marketing materials must be able to communicate your unique value proposition clearly, you must be able to maintain top of mind awareness, and your sales process must be able to handle the increased volume efficiently.

But, then again, if it did work for you, what would 25 times increase in leads do for you, for your business, do for your family?

How we deterministically resolve the identity of more than 50% of your website traffic?

We have an identity graph. Over the past 8 years, working with our partners, we have built an identity graph that includes more than 260m Americans. Think about an identity graph as a really big excel spreadsheet. Each person is one row and the columns are all the things we know about them. From name, address, and phone number, to all the devises they use, all the emails they have. This is the important part. By being able to resolve their identity back to our identity table, we can track what they do online, regardless of what device they are on, what email they use to log in. Just about everyone else is limited to what they can see directly. Facebook knows who you are because you log into their system, but they can’t see the keyword searches you do on Google, or the authority websites you visit, like WebMD, or, or an industry specific blog. But we can. We are not limited because our identity graph tracks all the devises and emails a consumer uses.

It took 8 years to build this out and it was done without any outside financing. The identity graph is 100% owned and controlled. And, it gets smarter and learns more every day.

Six months ago, we were tracking about 200m US consumers. Today, January 2020, that is now over 250m. As I said, the trend is your friend here if you are not fighting it. We are all online, all the time. We conduct searches and access websites in our pursuit of knowledge. I’m here to show you how to use this to your advantage.

When the pixel fires, we go out to the table and look up the site visitor by the unique device id. If there is a match, then we can pass back the persistent identifier. For every person in the table we have a persistent identifier. It is represented by one email address and encrypted to meet privacy protection regulations. What we call a “hash file”.


You can add unlimited segmentation to the pixel. That means, you can create segments based on the content consumed.

You are on this page right now, watching this content and I know it. When the pixel fires, it will return your information and the content you consumed on this site. That means, I can create customized conversations – campaigns – with you, since I know you were interested in how to generate more leads for your business and you are interested in how we can help you achieve that goal.

This is how we move from just identifying a user to generating more clients. How we generate the outcomes you want.

With traditional funnels, you have two problems. Opt-in rates are miserable, and the content can only be customized a little, based on the actual opt-in.

With our people-based identity resolution and segmentation, you can generate content that is specific to several actions someone takes on your page.

One particularly powerful feature is that you now own and control all your first party data. It is no longer hidden behind a walled garden. Look at your Google Analytics. They tell you that you have 1,000 visitors and the paths they took while on your site. But you don’t know who they are. Google does, they have an identity graph, but they won’t tell you. They want you to buy advertising. That’s their business model. Same with Facebook and Amazon, LinkedIn and YouTube.

But with our pixel, you know who the user is, specifically, and what content each user consumed. You have the power. You can take that information to any platform you want and reach the target prospect where they are. Just because you met someone by advertising to them on Facebook, doesn’t mean you want to only talk to them on Facebook. You want to talk to them wherever they are online or offline. That’s how you build and maintain top of mind awareness.

Finally, I don’t expect you to be an expert in this. I am. I’ve spent the past ten years studying the trends, the tools, and how the internet is changing the way we market, engage and educate prospects. I said the pixel was not a silver bullet and it isn’t. I am the silver bullet. Our more exactly, when I show you how to use this technology to deliver the marketing your customers are demanding, that is where the magic happens.

We are not selling a pixel. We are selling an integrated solution that uses identity resolution to drive results.

So, we add a massive amount of support and training to our pixel. Training your entire team can utilize. We are building out a community of marketing and sales leaders who are eager to embrace this technology.

We start with a comprehensive on-boarding process where we work with you to review your current process and identify the best way to implement the pixel and segment your user experience. Then you are invited to join our weekly group training calls where we discuss best practice applications. Learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.

Identity resolution is just the first step along a continuum.

Identity resolution allows you to dramatically increase the number of leads you get from your existing process. When we combine our identity resolution technology with all the behavioral data we are collecting, we have the basis for building artificial intelligence algorithms that can identify when your ideal target customers are in the market for what you sell. Before they even know you are a potential solution. This means you can focus your advertising, your marketing on the 1% to 3% of any target market that is actively searching right now. Why, because they are the people who will be buying right now. You will no longer need to advertise to the entire haystack, no you can now target your messaging to the precious golden needles.

I’ve successfully built two – hundred plus million-dollar businesses. I’ve lived through and led the transformation of the group health insurance market. Now I see how the same, technology driven seismic change is coming to digital marketing and lead generation.

I know because I’ve been chewed up and spit out as a result of following the rules in both inbound and outbound marketing over the past 10 years. Think about it. I built a digital marketing organization based creating content that people opt-in to get and then engaging them through email marketing to schedule an appointment and talk to a salesperson. What worked great five years ago just doesn’t work today. Watching opt-in rates go from 10% to 1% is nightmare inducing. Telling clients, they need to be more persistent when calling the limited number of leads this process generates is soul crushing. We all know cold calling is not the answer for anything other than a way to legally haze new employees.

The answers lie in leveraging these trends.

In bringing new technologies to bear on the structural problems holding us all down. Applying our expertise in messaging. Articulating the problems, we solve for our clients, and the results we deliver. Giving our prospects the information, they need, when and where they want it, so they can make a good buying decision.

Our technology is changing digital marketing right before your eyes. If you work hard, don’t try to cut corners or play any funny games, I’ll personally show you how to find the needles in your marketing haystack.

We can do stuff with identity resolution and intent targeting that others just can’t do.

They don’t have the identity graph we have, and they don’t have the behavioral data we do. This market leading position won’t last forever. Others will catch up and when they do, I want to be five steps farther down the road. I want to be aggressive here, put more clients on our platform right now and then work together to stay five steps ahead of the competition.

Risk Free Special Offer – January 2020

Our regular price for the identity resolution pixel and our weekly training program is $1,500 per month.

However, for the next 20 customers, the price is only charging $750 per month. A 50% savings. Once those slots are filled, the price is going to go back up.

I know trying anything new is a leap of faith at some level, so I will give you a 100% money back guarantee if you cancel in the first 30 days. After that, we operate on a month to month basis.

I don’t like using time pressure as a sales gimmick, this is just the reality of where we are with this technology right now. The product is hot, and I’m not looking to just pump it out to anyone.

I am looking for specific, quality organizations to partner with. I don’t expect this offer will last long.

Privacy issues are top of mind across the internet

The technology has been built out over the past eight years without any regulatory or legal issues. We are using it for companies up to and including Fortune 500 firms. Our long-term success depends on properly protecting user’s privacy. Therefore, it is important that we only work with clients who are equally committed to following the rules, respecting their user’s privacy, and treating the data we provide them with great care.

We provide an amazing product at a great price. What I need to know is can you play by the rules?

If you are interested in dramatically growing the number of leads you generate, If you are willing to participate in our training and contribute fully, then you are welcome to apply for one of these 20 discounted spaces.

Our process is simple. Complete the registration and then schedule your on-boarding meeting. In the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 215.858.8659 or send me an email at