How To Create A Revenue Generating Website

This week’s training video will continue the process that we started last week. Let’s go in-depth and look at the secrets behind design and layout needed to create lead generation and profit producing website. Remember that your business’ website is part of your marketing just like a piece of direct mail. As with all marketing, it must grab the prospect’s attention. Prospects are always looking for the best deal so your marketing must contain a low or no risk offer.

When designing any form of marketing, you must use the Marketing Equation: interrupt, engage, educate, and offer. This equation appeals to consumers’ emotional and social wants and needs. It is important because it focuses your message on impacting your prospects. So, with your company’s website (and any other marketing that you produce), make sure that you include all four Marketing Equation components.

Let’s look at each in more detail

First, you must interrupt your prospects. You must get your client to pay attention to your lead generation marketing. The interrupt is done through your headline. It will highlight a problem that your prospects are looking to solve.

Then engage your prospects with the promise that you offer a solution to the problem in your headline. You must give your reader the promise that you will help them make the best buying decision possible.

Together these two must focus on the prospects emotional hot buttons.

Educate your prospects. Once you have interrupted and engaged your prospect, you must give them information that allows them to logically understand how and why you solve the problem they are facing. This is accomplished by providing detailed, quantifiable, accurate and revealing information. When you educate, you need to explain to your prospects the necessary and relevant information they need to know when making a right decision, and that only your business can provide the solution. This is what the prospect will need to justify converting into a client.

Make an offer. The final component of your marketing equation is your offer. The last step is to give them a low-risk (or better yet, no risk) way to take the next step in your sales process. It can be a free download, a free consultation or a money back guarantee. Something to make your proposal feel in control of their final decision to buy from you.

Check out this week’s training video here to see how you can apply the Marketing Equation to your business’ website, and all forms of marketing.