Make A Bold Claim and Double Your Sales

In this week’s training video, we discuss how to close more sales by implementing a Bold Claim strategy. Specifically, making a Bold Claim with a limited time deadline. This approach will compel more prospects to respond right now.

Step 1 – Communicate your bold claim.

You must demonstrate your value and show your prospect that you can help them solve a problem right now.

Step 2 – Create a compelling script that builds interest in your offer by promising them a solution to their problem.

Step 3 – Identify 3 or 4 action questions. Questions capable of providing the information you need to provide your prospects with the value you’re promising. Show your prospects how you can deliver the desired results.

Step 4 –  Overcome objections. Most people are initially skeptical of bold claims. The limited timeframe you’re promising is designed to convince them to “give you the chance to prove yourself.”

Step 5 – You must stop at the time frame you set. If you promise to deliver precise results in 18 minutes, you MUST be able to do exactly that.

Lead generation involves finding prospects and convincing them to provide you with their name and other relevant data. If done properly, it should identify your highest quality leads and locate where they can be found. This week’s training video takes a tactical approach to executing this strategy.

When you know the proper strategies and tactics required to get your leads to respond, your revenue, sales, and profits will increase dramatically. Now take a few minutes and create your plan of action and then apply that strategy to your business!