How To Generate On-Line Leads That Convert


In this week’s training video, we discuss how to get a return from your on-line lead generation strategies. Trying to navigate the options for generating leads on-line can seem overwhelming and most often become a waste of money. Taking lots of time and money and doing very little to generating qualified sales leads.

If you write articles or create content as part of your marketing strategy, consider these questions:

  • What type of article tends to attract reader attention?
  • Which articles convert more customers and more sales?
  • What’s the secret formula that maximizes the twin impact of attraction and conversion?

You don’t have to look any further than Cosmopolitan or The New Yorker magazines for great examples of how to engage your target customers. Cosmopolitan magazine is known for articles that feed our lust for excess, and most of their articles are just bullet points stacked up against each other. Cosmopolitan style of headlines attracts reader’s attention. The New Yorker on the other hand convert leads into actual sales. Their articles produce in-depth, well-written articles that drive home a point. The more detailed content their readers find, the harder it becomes for them to resist the subscribe/buy offers. So, which one is the best strategy?

You can use both strategies at the same time. A strategic mixture of both types of content will attract a larger number of clients and increase your conversion. Online you can drive them from lighter type material to a more specific type of content so that your leads get a mixture of both kinds of pieces. Not only can you increase your leads and conversions, but this will help benefit your SEO.

Instead of focusing on getting your prospects to buy, get them to subscribe to your website first. Most prospects aren’t ready to buy right away because they are worried about how your product or service works, if there’s any added value, and is worth the price. By having them subscribe to your website you can keep in contact with them and educate them through the sales process.

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