How To Design Competition-Crushing Ads

Most small business owners act as their own marketing department, which can cause an unnecessary amount of frustration due to constantly rewriting, revising, and redesigning underperforming ads. In this week’s training video, we discuss a simple, but powerful way to create highly effective marketing the first time.

The key to creating effective and compelling marketing is to know how to get your prospects to act. This requires an understanding of persuasion marketing – the organization of the buying and selling processes to present compelling information that persuades your prospects to take a specific action. Your marketing should not only educate your prospects, but it should persuade them and address their wants and needs as they continue to move through their decision-making process.

Unfortunately, most marketing experts resort to gimmicks. Prospects are subjected to these tricks so frequently that they have wised up. For you to become successful today, you must provide prospects with an experience focused on the fundamentals of human nature. We have previously covered this topic and can be reviewed here.

So how do you use the seven fundamentals to create persuasive marketing? We use a Marketing Equation that has four basic components: interrupt, engage, educate, and offer. This equation appeals to consumers’ emotional and social wants and needs. It is so important because it helps focuses your message to impact your prospects and make your message stand out.

Remember for your marketing to work it must do three things:

  • Grab the prospect’s attention
  • Facilitate the prospect’s information gathering and decision-making process
  • Provide a specific, low risk, easy to take action that helps them make a good decision.

This marketing will get your prospects emotionally invested and ready to buy your product or service. Remember that prospects buy based on emotion and it is essential that you get in touch with the pain your prospects bring to the table. Take the time to step into your target customer’s shoes and get a sense of what they’re feeling.

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