How To Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking … Before They Think it

Last week in our training video we have discussed the importance of knowing your target customer’s physical profile. Knowing your target costumers physical profile helps you determine similar groups of people you should be targeting.  In this week’s training video, we will learn why it is critical to understand your target customers wants and needs and what motivates them to buy. By developing an emotional profile, you will be able to identify your target market’s problems, frustrations, fears and concerns that your prospects have when they go to buy.

The formula for small business success can be quite simple. Find your target customers who want what you sell, give them an innovative solution that offers them the most value, and position your compelling marketing message in front of them. Remember that 90% of a small business owner’s success will be determined by how accurately they define their target customer’s emotional profile. Once you master the process, you’ll be able to generate all the leads you want and attract as many clients as your business can handle.

Prospects want to feel like they’re working with an expert and they are looking for a business that is truly unique. They are also looking for a business that understands them, gives them what they want, offer them exceptional and extraordinary value, and communicate with them. Providing these major elements will dominate your entire niche market.

Still don’t think that the emotional profile of your target client is that important? Think again. In 2014, Facebook revealed that it had manipulated the news feeds of randomly selected users to change the number of positive and negative posts they saw. It was part of a psychological study to examine how emotions can be spread on social media. And Facebook is hardly the only Internet company that manipulates and analyzes consumer data. Google and Yahoo also watch how users interact with search results or news articles to adjust what is shown; this improves the user experience and keeps them coming back for more.

If you have trouble with listing your target client’s hot buttons, you will need to contact your top clients and see what makes them buy your product or services. Once you understand their emotional profile, you will know how to compel them to buy from you. Creating an emotional profile is key when creating a marketing plan.

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