Fix Your Social Media Strategy

Fix Your Social Media Strategy By Taking It Back To Basics

In a short, technical article published by Harvard Business Review  and written by Keith Quesenberry he raises three important issues that I discuss often with my clients including:

  • Know your target market and ideal customer
  • Create content that engages
  • Link marketing goals to social media KPSs

The full article is available here but these are the relevant take away points.

Know your target market and audience. While the article discusses this from the standpoint of Chief Marketing Officers of major companies, this is even more true for the small and mid-sized business owners. Why? Because we don’t have the budgets and cash flow to be throwing money around trying all sorts of things.

We always start with an 80/20 analysis to understand who are our best customers and why they buy from us. Translating this to a social media strategy is all about listening to your best customers and understanding where they are, what interests them and how we can get their attention.

Create content that engages. I believe in Educational Based Marketing (EBM) and it fits perfectly into a social media marketing strategy. If you are writing, posting, engaging on social media with information that helps your ideal clients to be better informed consumers and more successful in their own business or personal life, then you will earn their trust. With repetition and engagement, you will maintain top of mind awareness and if you are good at what you do … your likeability goes way up. Using a consistent social media strategy can get you that elusive “Know, Like and Trust” we all depend on for creating excellent customer relationships.

Link marketing goals to social media KPIs. As is true for every process we incorporate into our business, if you’re not measuring the results you won’t make progress or be successful in creating change. Do you have financial KPIs? Sales KPIs? So create some social media KPIs. Nothing fancy is needed. Two areas to track are:

  • social media “likes” and “shares”
  • Unique web visits from social medial engagements

Using a system like Hootsuite or Hubspot makes the reporting simple and easy (which we all like).

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