How We Create So Much Added Value in Our Business

In this week’s training video, we discuss how to add value in everything you do in your business. The more value you can add to your product or service the higher the price you can charge. Your prospects buy value not price. To stand out from the crowd you need to add massive value to your clients.

Here’s a few ways to add value to your company:

  • Free Delivery – if your business is one where your customers must come to you to make their purchases, try to incorporate free delivery into the purchase price. This will help cultivate a database of people that you know are motivated by this value-added service.
  • Auto-shipping gift services – if your clients give your product or service as a gift. This is a way to help your clients never to forget a holiday, birthday, or special occasion ever again.
  • Gift Vouchers – Selling gift vouchers is a great profit booster since you’re being paid upfront for products and services you are yet to provide. Plus, consumers love them!
  • Trade-In Offers – Accepting trade-ins makes the process of buying easier and offers a new revenue opportunity.
  • Product Bundling – Grouping together certain products to create ‘packages’.
  • Financing – If your products or services are considered on the expensive side, you can offer financing options to allow payment over time. 
  • Extended Warranties & Guarantees – Big guarantees help reduce the risk of purchase and add huge value to the buyer. 
  • Free Storage – Offering free storage can provide added convenience for your clients.

As each business is different, with different margins, products and services, you will need to determine the appropriate programs for your clients.  Being unique, innovative, and creative will enable you to retain top of mind awareness with your clients and keep them coming back again and again.

In today’s competitive environment it’s a risky decision to watch what the competition is doing and following the same approach. The greater the perceived value of a product or service, the greater the amount you can charge for it.

Learn how to put this all to work for your business. Request our “Insider Secrets To Generating All The Sales Your Business Can Handle”.