Making TV and Radio Advertising work

akela-partners-weekly-training-video-1All business owners face the same dilemma. How to advertise their business, which media outlets should they advertise on to get the most exposure, and what media outlet will provide the biggest bang for their buck? Will newspaper do better than a radio spot or is TV the way to go? Unfortunately, the answer is different for each business. It will depend on your situation, location, and product. In this week’s Akela Partners training video, we discuss the pros and cons of each media outlet for you to decide which one will work for your company. Check them all out here.

Radio offers a wide array of formats which can reach listeners during a specific state of mind. This can complement a specific advertisement message. Some people listen to the radio while driving into work, while others listen to it in the evening to relax. You can capitalize on each situation by advertising your product for each situation. Radio ads deliver the message to everyone in the car or room simultaneously. The ad can be up as soon as the next day if production is ready, the script is done, and studio time is available. Radio advertisement is intrusive which is great for your business but bad for the listeners. It interrupts the listeners and their only option is to change the radio channel, turn off the radio, or just listen, the majority will listen. You can effectively target to specific consumer segments. Radio ads can run 24 hours throughout the day and repetition is key to an effective advertisement.

TV uses the senses of sight, sound, and movement to create a powerful package that hits all the senses. It delivers the message to everyone simultaneously to everyone in the room. TV can be fast, but it isn’t as fast as radio because it requires more production time and effort. TV like radio is intrusive. Ads can also be targeted to geographic areas, demographic profiles, and specific niche markets. TV has more reach than any other medium out there. Unfortunately, your ads might be mixed into a bunch of other ads that cause the consumers to change channels or go to the fridge. But TV still is most cost effective ad outlet.

You should now be able to decide which media outlet is best for your business. The only way to make the perfect decisions is by testing each outlet. Unfortunately, small business owners are trying to advertise everything online, but because of all the scams out there, it is difficult to gain prospects’ trust. When testing each outlet, remember to always test it in small, controlled, and trackable segments, so that you can tell which outlet is bringing in the most profits.

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