3 Keys To Generating Leads And Clients

3 Keys to Generating Leads and Clients

In today’s connected world, we are increasingly bombarded by advertising messages, making it harder than ever to get someone’s attention. Or is it?  Telling a great story still has the power to delight customers.  So, how do you make sure your message resonates with your ideal customers and inspires them to act? How do you build advocates who tell your story for you?

Step 1 – Adopt a conversion equation that focuses on your ideal client’s problems and using the conversion equation in all your marketing.


Interrupt by poking at your client’s top of mind problem

Engage with the promise that you have the solution to their problem

Educate with specifics about how you do that and what makes your offer unique.

And finally, make an offer that is a low-risk way to take the next step in the process.


Step 2 – Understand your prospect’s Buyers Journey

Only a small percentage of your ideal clients are “now buyers” and most marketing focuses on these buyers with offers such as “Call Me”. By defining your ideal prospects buyers journey, you can attract many more leads and then nurture those leads with information that help them to feel in control of their decision to buy from you.

Using authentic language to deliver content that’s interesting & useful, helps prospects understand how you solve their problem and why you are better (for them) than the competition.

Step 3 – Maintain Top Of Mind Awareness

People pay attention to what interests them.  And when it interests them, they want more of it.  They’re even expecting it.  For this reason, multiple touches are your opportunity to make sure consumers really understand your company and product.  Serial messaging turns a prospect into a customer or helps to retain even your most loyal customer.


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