Mastering Talent Planning

Mastering Talent Planning

The National Center for the Middle Market produced a report titled, Mastering Talent Planning – A Framework For Success.

Since we are facilitating a national CEO Roundtable program on talent management next week, June 29th, I wanted to share the findings from this report with all my readers today.

You can download the full report from our resource center here

You can learn more about our national CEO Roundtable and register here.

Key takeaways from the Mastering Talent Planning Report (taken from the executive summary)

  1. Talent Planning is a powerful business driver
  2. The size and structure of an organization has significant impact on how talent planning is conducted
  3. There is room for improvement in the talent planning process
  4. The single most important thing companies lack is a systematic framework for talent planning
  5. Successful talent planning involves for core elements
  6. Succession planning, programs for high-potential employees , and identification of skills gaps are critical areas needing improvement

From my vantage point as a strategic advisor to many small and mid-sized companies, it is clear that these findings are 100% true. When I work with a client, we try to focus on recognizing just how much of a powerful driver to future success talent planning is, and then work to identify ways to create a systematic framework for recruiting, hiring, training and retaining talent.

The small business irony is that while what keeps us up the most at night, employee problems, is also the one thing that if we can solve, gives our business the best opportunity for success.

Another way to say this; if you haven’t registered yet for our CEO Roundtable discussion on Talent Management yet … what are you waiting for?

I hope you can participate on June 29th.