Digital Tools To Convert Web Traffic To Customers

Tools To Convert Traffic To Customers

Let’s look at the tools you can use to beat the technological and economic forces competing with you for profits. How to use these tools to give yourself a sustainable competitive advantage.

The internet and your web site is your gateway to the world. Whether you sell something on line or in person. What percentage of your clients visit your website or landing page before making a purchase? 70%? 80%? 95%? The bigger the purchase, the more research is involved and the greater the percentage.

All businesses are looking for ways to drive more interest in their product or service (traffic) and then to convert a higher percent of that traffic (conversion).

There are lots of digital tools to drive traffic, including: Google (paid and SEO), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, Display Advertising, Email. Plus, all the traditional methods Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Billboards, etc.

What all these have in common is that the right message, targeted to the right person, will get the most cost-effective conversion. Or eyeballs to your website.

Four Keys To Success In Digital Marketing

Target Now Buyers


Today digital marketing leverages big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the observable behaviors that lead up to a sale. This means, you can focus your advertising budgets on the people in your market who are looking right now for what you sell.

All the major platforms can do this for you. The key to making it work is to give them data to work from. Who is coming to your website today, who is converting to learn more, who is converting to become a client, what clients are converting to great clients?



Stop thinking of marketing in terms of campaigns, think instead about conversations.

When you start a conversation by focusing on the problems that keep your clients up at night, you are going to get their attention. They will be interested in learning more. Specifically, how you can solve their problem? The results you deliver. Why you are different or unique. Why, if they are your ideal client, should they buy from you rather than someone else.

When you’re having a conversation with someone, you can’t do this all at once. They are not ready yet. These discussions must build on what your prospect knows, where they are in the buying journey, and how much they trust or believe what you say.

Conversations that educate, delivered consistently and over time, generate the “know, like, and trust” that is necessary to take someone from being a stranger, to entrusting you with solving a major problem in their life.

Own and control the process and the data

The key to growing profits, not just revenues, is to own and control the process. It is possible to build a digital campaign around Facebooks targeting pixel or Google PPC campaigns, to develop re-targeting campaigns using Facebook and Google display ads, and to have success for a period. But what happens when their algorithms change? What happens when other people do the same thing and bid up the cost of your ad placements? Well, your costs go up and they go up fast! When costs go up … profits go down.

When you own and control the data. When it is first party data and not data that Facebook has but you don’t, then you develop campaigns that are portable. You can move them to other platforms. You can engage your prospects in conversations on-line and off-line for as log as you want.

Follow Bob

Let’s say you have a prospect named Bob. You spent a good deal of money to identify Bob based on his behaviors, put great ads in front of him on Facebook and got him to go to your website and learn how you can solve his problem. Congratulations. You now have a new lead. Someone who has the problem you solve, is looking right now for a solution, and has found you. Now what?

Figure out who Bob is. Can you get him to opt-in? To exchange some personal information so you can begin educating him on how you solve his problem? If you can get his email address, you have the first major key. You can send him emails and build look-a-like lists to find more people like Bob.

But can you send him a direct mail piece? Can you call him? What if your email gets stuck in his Spam folder?

Or, what if Bob is a terrific prospect who responded to your ad but got a phone call just before he opted-in to your offer and had to close the page? Can you still market to him?

The key is to converse with Bob where ever Bob is. If Bob is on Pinterest, you want to be on Pinterest. If he is on his smart phone, you want to be on his smart phone. When he is watching videos on YouTube, you need to be there too.

When you know who Bob is, when you own and control that data, you can develop and deliver conversations to Bob where he is. If you are only on Facebook (for example) then you can only talk to Bob when he is on Facebook. If it takes time to build trusted relationships, then by being where Bob is, you can build trust faster, thus shortening the sales cycle. A shorter sales cycle means more profits for you and better results for Bob sooner.

Our Technology

The #1 problem to solve today is who is coming to your site and how do we continue to engage them in conversations. Our technology does this for you in four ways:

In-Market Targeting – using behavioral targeting, we can identify who is in the market for your services today, by name, and develop campaigns to target them specifically

Site Visitor Match – Resolve the identity of the visitors to your website so you can build campaigns to educate them across platforms, online and offline

Permanent – This is first party data that you own and control. Unlike cookies, it never expires.

Portable – Again, it is your first party data and you can take it to what ever platform you want.

To Cool for Business School

Business leaders want systems they can scale profitably. They want systems that allow for the efficient delivery of client focused solutions. Today, our technology put to work through the big data platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon, will allow you to focus your marketing on ideal customers who are looking to solve the problem you solve. To educate them as to why they should do business with you and to do it all on their time frame. To meet them where they are, to let them control the marketing process.

The results for you are more quality leads, shorter sales cycles, improved client conversions and more profitable client relationships.

Pretty cool indeed!

It’s not hype. Either you will use this technology to give yourself a competitive advantage or you will be competing against our clients who will use it to take profits from you.

Use this link to schedule a 15 Minute Discovery Call. I promise you two things: I will not take more than 15 minutes on the phone with you unless you want to be there, and number two, we’re going to educate you even further.