How to Make Your Networking Efforts Successful

In this week’s Ask the Expert call we talked about how networking can be a great tool for growing your business. However, sometimes we do not see the results we want or see the value to these networking events. So how do we make sure that we are using the networking meetings productively?

Here are a few tips to make your networking efforts successful:

1st step is the simplest – Take Part – Attend the meetings and introduce your product/service. It is understandable that we get consumed in work and sometimes forget to see the value in attending these meetings. However, you never know whom you can meet or what you could learn from the other attendees.

With all the nerves and so many questions you sometimes forget how to bring your message across for your business. So we keep it straightforward. Don’t force your elevator pitch and look for opportunities to engage whomever you are talking with by asking them questions and learning about their business first. When it is time to talk about what you do, focus on how your product/services benefit your customers (results!)

So you attend these network events, and now you have a ton of business cards and possibly some meetings scheduled. Now how do you know if scheduling a meeting will be productive? Be honest with yourself and the person you want to meet with about the purpose of the meeting and make sure that you are spending your time with people who can help grow your business and vice versa.


We are all busier than ever and making time for networking can seem like a chore, but a well-defined networking strategy can generate real leads for your business.