Low Hanging Fruit; A recipe for dessert or business success?

akela-partners-weekly-training-video-2 In this Week’s Training Video, we discuss how to identify the low hanging fruit to quickly grow your business. Remember for any business to be successful it must be unique, offer extraordinary value, and communicate why it is unique and offers extraordinary value.

By defining your niche market, you will be able to position your business to serve a highly–targeted market and create extraordinary value for your clients. By selecting your specific niche market this allows you to innovate your business to fit the wants of that market and provide them with exceptional and extraordinary value.

Once you have figured out your niche market, you must look at the physical (logical need) and emotional (hot-buttons) profiles and define the characteristics that fit those who want what you sell. By doing this step you will be positioning your business for market domination. Remember the physical profile is only responsible for about 10% of the success equation for businesses, while the other 90% of your success is determined by your target clients emotional profile. View the video here to start developing your target client profile.

Problems begin to occur when business owners try to be all things to all people and they start looking like their competition and clients look for the cheapest pricing. When you complete the target client profile you position your business in a specific niche market and never again have to be all things for your prospects. Once you know the various areas within your business where prospects want different things from you, you must drill down into that area and be sure you thoroughly understand what that means.

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