Your Ideal Client & Their Hot Buttons

Understanding who your ideal clients are allows you to build your business, its message, product/services and helps you attract similar customers. You need to know as much information about your top clients including their demographics and psychographics so that you can narrow your niche and use your marketing dollars cost-effectively. Check out the importance of narrowing your niche here. Once you have figured out your ideal customers what are their hot buttons?

We all know that 20% of your top clients are driving 80% of your business. So once you have figured out the 20%, what were their pain points? Knowing this information can help you send out a strong campaign with the correct pain points that will target the group of people whom you would like to attract. Check out here our obsession with the 80/20 rule.

You’ve figured out those hot buttons, next you want to do the A-B test so that you can find the correct message that will attract as many ideal customers in those demographic and psychographics. This type of testing makes sure that the wording for those hot buttons will strike a nerve for your future clients. Testing may seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but this will increase your conversion rate because you are able to personalize the message to your audience. Check out which platform we prefer to do our A-B testing here.

Once you have found your ideal client and have tested the hot buttons, it is time to go out and start advertising! Whether it be direct mail or social media, just remember always keep testing your message to make sure that you can reach all your ideal clients cost effectively.

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